Coronavirus: All the steps to take if you become infected in the UAE
Coronavirus: All the steps to take if you become infected in the UAE Image Credit: Seyyed de la Llata, Senior Digital Designer

Dubai: The Novel Coronavirus strains can be spread from person to person through contaminated droplets through coughing or sneezing or through contaminated hands. The virus also spread through touching an infected surface.

Here are the steps to take in the UAE, if you think you’ve been infected

1. Stay home

The moment you suspect that you have the virus, do not go anywhere. If you live with people, then stay in your room, so you do not infect them. The incubation period extends from 1 to 14 days. That means the amount of time from being exposed to the virus to showing symptoms.

2. Contact medical authorities

Before you leave your home to your closest health centre, it would be best to contact either “Estijaba", the service at the operation centre at the Department of Health on 8001717, or the Ministry of Health & Prevention at 80011111, or the Dubai Health Authority at 800342.

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You have 3 different options

3. Get tested at home (if you live in Dubai and Sharjah)

This is the safest option, as you do not leave your house and risk spreading the virus. Dubai and Sharjah residents can now have COVID-19 nasal swab tests done in the comfort of their own home by Avivo health group. Charges are Dh400 per person and if there are a large group bookings, discounts are offered. Results come back in 24 hours.

4. Go to a drive through testing unit

The second safest option is to only have contact with your own car. The UAE currently has Drive Through testing centres all over the city. Open from 8am to 6.30pm daily for both nationals and expats, the centre enables members of the public to do a five-minute test for Dh370 without having to leave their car. Test results will be available in 48 hours.

5. Visit your local health centre

If you do chose to take this route, then be sure to wear a medical mask and gloves in order to reduce your chance of potentially spreading the virus. Visit the nearest health centre or hospital and immediately inform the doctor of your symptoms. Follow the doctor’s instructions, and if you were advised to self-isolate, please avoid any direct contact with people. If you are asked to stay in the hospital then do as you are told.