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Uncompromising academic rigour — Swiss hospitality schools define this phrase and so much more. With a curriculum meticulously designed to cover all aspects of hospitality in general, enrolled students deep dive into hotel management while fine-tuning their culinary expertise. We take a look at some aspects of Swiss hospitality education that allow it to set the bar.

Passport to global careers

Hospitality chains globally recognise a Swiss hospitality school diploma as a mark of excellence and that often requires no further testing. For this reason, students with a Swiss hospitality diploma are often the most preferred candidates.

Learning from the best

The instructors at Swiss hospitality schools are both teachers and mentors, coming as they do with a treasure trove of experience from within the industry. From seamless hotel operations to plating up unforgettable culinary delights, they have done it all. For students, it’s more than a knowledge run, what they also benefit from is the wisdom that only years within the industry can provide.

Cutting-edge facilities

Swiss hospitality schools provide the latest technology and resources through their training modules. So, while culinary students get to sharpen their skills in kitchens found only in Michelin-star restaurants, hotel management students get to navigate software that’s on the cutting edge. Real-world training environments are not just simulations, they also provide a vibrant ecosystem that allow education to meet reality.

Strategic location

Switzerland’s strategic location in the heart of Europe adds to the appeal of its hospitality schools. Students benefit from being in close proximity to numerous tourist destinations, luxury resorts and international hotel chains. This allows for field trips, as well as exposure to a variety of hospitality environments.

Focus on personal development

Swiss hospitality schools turn students into adaptable leaders and problem-solvers. The focus on personal growth is intense, equipping students with soft skills that are as crucial as their technical knowledge. This holistic development ensures graduates are ready to deliver exceptional experiences in the hospitality sector.