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Homeopathy offers numerous solutions that aid in the growth of cosmetic consciousness among people. The cosmetic issue is not life threatening, however it may lead to feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-confidence. Just as how most of the problems arise due to disturbances in the internal balance of the body and not external factors, the medicines too work from within to detoxify it. Homeopathy hence addresses cosmetic concerns such as acne and scar marks, dry skin, irritated skin, hyperpigmentation, black spots, freckles, splitting nails, alopecia, nail disorders etc.

Stress and unhealthy lifestyle

Both acute and chronic stress can impose negative effects on skin, hair and nails. Thinning of hair and acne are some of the common complications here due to stress. Apart from that your dry, weak, and brittle nails shows that you are stressed out. Extensive exposure to sun combined with harsh winds filled with dust, constant hair conditioning play havoc on your face, skin, and hair.

Few things you can include in your daily routine for your skin and hair health:

● Keep hydrating yourself and workout regularly.

● Protect yourself from the sun. Use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and reapply every two hours.

● Keep a simple skincare routine. Take warm water baths, avoid strong soaps, and moisturise your dry skin.

● When washing your hair, keep the temperature lukewarm or even cooler when rinsing to avoid damage.

● It’s advised to use dry absorbent shampoo when it’s hot outside since sweating on your scalp distributes sebum, which is naturally produced and generates grease throughout your hair.

● Stop biting your nails. Biotin supplements may help your dry and weak nails.

● Applying moisturisers with vitamin E helps with dry nails.

● Maintain a healthy diet.

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● Destress yourself by practicing yoga and meditation.

Things you should not do:

● Over exfoliate your skin

● Skip sunscreen

● Popping your pimples

● Going to bed without washing your face or removing make up

● Excess use of hot tools, preferably use once a week or even less

● Tight pony tails, as they pull your hair back