Kaja Kallas Prime Minister Estonia
Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia Image Credit: Supplied

Diplomatic relations between Estonia and the UAE were established just 15 years ago, but today we can state with certainty that this relationship has developed into a prosperous friendship to the benefit of both countries. The UAE and Dubai in particular have become the go-to business destination for Estonian companies looking to expand their operations beyond the traditional realm of Europe. And Estonia is becoming increasingly popular among the entrepreneurs of Dubai, offering the perfect balance between the edgiest technology and the greenest nature, two of the keywords for this year’s Expo 2020 in Dubai.

The global pandemic delayed the launch of the Expo 2020 global meeting place by a full year, but thankfully it has given both the participants and the organisers some well-deserved extra time for putting the final touches on what will prove to be the greatest show on earth. I would like to recognise the authorities of Dubai and the UAE for their patience and perseverance in ensuring the event takes place as planned. We need a global forum for exchanging ideas and solutions for tackling the challenges we all face as a community on this planet, ranging from climate change to mitigating the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Estonia’s excellent track record in achieving greatness through digital innovation allows us to proudly export our knowledge and expertise to other countries as well. The e-governance solutions developed in Estonia can be crucial for meeting the sustainability objectives we have set for public sector organisations worldwide and the success of our digital economy fuels both the green and digital transition goals. These aims would be unreachable without great education, which Estonia prides itself in. We have already established our embassy and business representation in the UAE. This year’s Expo gathering will see the largest turnout of Estonian business delegates ever, which will help us forge even stronger ties between our countries and our businesses. I am confident that the long-term impact of our prosperous relationship will be increased further beyond the events of the Expo and I would like to invite you all to visit Estonia and to find out more about what we have to offer to the world and to the UAE in particular.

Wishing you a successful Expo!

To learn more, visit, www.expo2020.ee