Dubai-based Jay Wud Image Credit: Supplied

When Guns N’ Roses rocked Dubai last weekend, opening the stage for the legendary rock band was Dubai-based Jay Wud, a Lebanese rocker who has also opened for Aerosmith and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin in the past. Jay Wud and his bandmates — bassist Imad Jawad and drummer Pascal Elias — came out with their second album, False Utopia, in November, to critical acclaim. And with a move from Lebanon to the UAE recently, this group is one to watch out for.

Soundbites caught up with Wud following the momentous occasion of opening for Axl Rose and co.


Q: What was it like opening for Guns N’ Roses?

A: It was an honour to share the stage with the mighty Guns N’ Roses. No words can describe our happiness and the great feedback we got from the crowd.


Q: Did you get a chance to meet the mighty Axl Rose? What was he like?

A: No, I didn’t. I happened to be hanging out with their guitarist Ron Bumblefoot Thal before the show though. The Guns N’ Roses production manager took me to Axl’s private room which felt like walking into a magical museum.


Q: You have also opened for Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. What are some pointers you picked up from them?

A: It was an eye opener. Back then, I was a session musician with other bands. I learned a lot from sharing stages with rock icons. The best thing I learned is the humility most of these legends have.


Q: How has the response been to False Utopia?

A: We are so blessed for all the support we got from our fans on False Utopia. It’s been very positive. We still have a long way to go and will keep performing for them live.


Q: What is your utopia?

A: Equality.


Q: How has the move from Lebanon to Dubai been? Are people here more open to rock music?

A: It’s been a life changer. I have met a lot of good people here and my career took a different path, thanks to Dubai. It is a different scene like in any country, it’s growing on me.


Q: What are some projects you’re working on?

A: We are touring the Middle East now and we won’t rest till we spread our music out there to everyone.


For updates on Jay Wud and his band, follow them on twitter @jaywud, on Facebook Facebook.com/jaywudmusic, or on their website jaywud.com.