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My seven-year-old had a bout of cold and fever two weeks back but is now unwell again with a runny nose and persistent cough. Can homoeopathy help relieve her symptoms?

Seasonal changes are usually when we need to take extra care to ensure that we avoid catching any viruses. Washing hands rigorously and taking Vitamin C and D supplements are definitely at the top of the list to help boost the immune system. However, the flu season has started, and it’s harder than usual this year, with Influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) doing the rounds.

Both these respiratory diseases can cause fever, chills, cough, muscle pains, headache, nasal congestion, sore throat and fatigue. Those suffering from these symptoms often feel quite irritable and can experience sensitivity to bright lights, headaches and cramping.

Homoeopathy can go a long way in preventing and treating both Influenzas and RSV. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for the diseases. For instance, when a person becomes ill, several factors are at play, each with its own susceptibilities. It could be a seasonal change, environmental factors, stress impacting the immune system or changes in the diet.

Homoeopathy works by addressing the state of the person who is ill with respect to the symptoms they suffer while taking into account the interconnection of the whole person as a complex system.

Some homoeopathy remedies can help prevent chest congestion as soon as the cold starts to affect the person. Others can be used to treat violent sneezing and excessive coughs.

Homeopathy should be the first choice of treatment as it is natural. The treatment can help in treating kids and adults suffering with recurrent flus and viral infections and in resolving long-standing, chronic cases.

I believe in your daughter’s case, she might have contracted the Influenza first and is now experiencing symptoms associated with RSV. With us going back to lives without masks, this is quite normal, and with the proper homoeopathy consultation and remedies, she will feel better soon.