Dr Chantal Sciuto of Enhance, an aesthetic and wellness clinic in The Dubai Mall, uses cutting edge technology and expertise to ensure you look your best Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dr. Chantal Sciuto, an internationally renowned Consultant Dermatologist with over two decades of experience, is known for using her signature, evidence-based methods in aesthetic medicine to enhance a person’s beauty. Presently practising at Enhance, an aesthetic and wellness clinic in Dubai Mall, she previously worked in Italy, her home country, Brazil and the US, where her clients include celebrities. ‘Cosmetics is my work and beauty is my final goal,’ she says.

Excerpts from an interview:

What is your definition of beauty?

For me, beauty is harmony; balance. Having beautiful lips is one thing, but if other areas of the face are ageing or imperfect, the overall effect is [not one of balance]. To me, harmony means perfectly treating each area without leaving behind any imperfections. For beauty, harmony is essential. I listen carefully to my client’s desires and expectations and after a proper examination, we decide together what we can do and achieve. The idea is to enhance a person’s natural beauty in total. That’s a reason I do not give them a face mirror to see themselves at the end of a treatment; I ask them to look in a full-length mirror so they can see themselves from head to toe to check that their entire look is one of harmony.

How do you enhance beauty?

I look at clients as individuals; each person is different and unique. No one face is the same as another. Your face is not the same as even your twin sister’s, and your face will not be the same next year.

Dr. Chantal Sciuto

As a Consultant Dermatologist, there are several factors that need to be considered before I start a treatment– the lifestyle of the person, whether they are homemakers, or working outdoors or indoors… All factors matter. A detailed consultation before embarking on a procedure is crucial.

What are some of your signature treatment methods?

I never use needles; I use cannulas – which don’t have sharp tips unlike a needle because I don’t want to damage the skin or hurt the client. I numb the area I’m treating as I want my clients to have a lovely experience and to enjoy the journey.

What are some treatments you’re known for?

There’s the liquid rhinoplasty where I use fillers to shape the nose. There’s the boom jawline, which is the enhancement of jaw line, providing it with a better definition or the modern look. Then there are some procedures for hands where I use a mix of lasers and injectables to [ensure the skin does not appear] thin and aged. Face contouring is one of the most popular requests. I find it the best anti-ageing treatment.

Is there a rising trend in the area of cosmetic surgery?

Yes. Now people don’t have time and want to look good quickly. Instead of surgery they are opting for treatments that can be done during their lunch break and want results visible the next day.

Do you think the pandemic or, more specifically, the increase in Zoom meetings has altered our view of beauty?

Well, the impact was huge because everyone is doing calls. A lot of people on social media are using filters that alter the natural face and change features. There was more focus on the upper part of our face, so everyone wanted it to be perfect with no wrinkles. Many wanted the cat eye or fox eye look. There was demand during this period, and we had to focus differently.

How do you ensure your first time clients experience a stress-free procedure?

First-time clients are my favourite. One of the first things I do is [bust myths about] cosmetic procedures. I also brief them about the safety of the procedures. Boxes of products used are opened in front of the client to make it clear they are fresh and unused. Every product has a label, with an expiration date and important information Apart from explaining the products and treatments, I also explain why the particular treatment was chosen over another. All our treatments are transitional; nothing is permanent. This is good, especially when the client is not sure of what exactly they want. This way, if you like what you received, you can repeat it. If not, you can go back to the initial stage.

We also explain possible side effects.

Trained staff follow up on the client to check if everything’s fine or if they need any support. The follow up is important and makes the experience more personalised.