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People visiting Kuwait Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Staying true to the environmental theme of the Sustainability District at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Kuwait Pavilion features a water tower surrounded by a symbolic representation of sand dunes.

The theme flows to ‘The Spring of Life and the Bridge’, consisting of a ‘canal’ that mimics the sensation of water through special effects, again highlighting the link between water and sustainability.

There is also a section on ‘The Environment and Nature’ that captures the diversity of wild life and a section called ‘The Garden’ that exemplifies nature as a source of life and reinforces Kuwait’s concern for environment and sustainability.

Kuwait is taking part in the Expo with its largest-ever participation at a World Expo. The pavilion spans 5,600 square metres of built-up area.

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The pavilion signifies Kuwait's biggest participation at any World Expo to date Image Credit: AFP

‘New’ theme

The official inauguration of the pavilion was celebrated by Abd Al Rahman Badah AlMutairi, Kuwait’s Minister of Information and Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs – who was representing His Highness Sheikh Sabah Kalid Al Hamad Al Sabah, Kuwait’s Prime Minister – and other government officials and dignitaries.

The theme of Kuwait pavilion is `New Kuwait, New Opportunities for Sustainability,’ which has been conceived to underline the country’s progress by taking visitors through a journey from the past to the present and giving the visitors a glimpse to the future with Kuwait’s vision: New Kuwait 2035.

‘Mindset of togetherness’

Dr Bader Al Enzi, Director, Kuwait Pavilion, said: “For Kuwait, the participation at the Expo 2020 Dubai, apart from the opportunity it presents for us to showcase the country and its uniqueness, is also a celebration of GCC solidarity and the proactive mindset of togetherness that will pave the road for regional sustainable progress for posterity.”

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The nature theme take centre stage at the pavilion Image Credit: AFP

Sectioned zones

The pavilion is divided into various sections, starting with `The Courtyard,’ where a panoramic film, ‘Safe Haven’, inspired by the history of Kuwait, will play. The pavilion also has a`Ramp’, which will replicate the experience of crossing the Sheikh Jaber Causeway in Kuwait.

There is also a section on ‘Culture & Media,’ while a ‘Digital Gateway’ showcases aspects of Kuwait’s progress in sciences, environment, economy and industry. In the section ‘Globally Connected,’ the pavilion emphasises Kuwait’s global humanitarian status.