Sweden Pavilion
Sweden Pavilion Image Credit: Supplied

The Sweden Pavilion, made entirely of wood and trees brought in from the forests of the European country, is all set to promote sustainability and innovation at the Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Considered as the European country's largest promotion initiative ever, Sweden will participate with an exhibition pavilion, and the Swedish investment is a co-financing between the state and the business community in equal parts. 143 Swedish partners, companies, organisations and authorities have contributed funding and content to the Swedish initiative. The Swedish pavilion, The Forest, has the theme ‘Co-Creation for Innovation’ and is located in the sustainability district.Trees brought from Sweden

Made with wood, trees brought from Sweden

The Swedish pavilion is 2,500 square meters, built entirely of wood and filled with lots of smart, innovative and energy-efficient solutions. 18-meter-high tree trunks brought from the Swedish counties of Dalarna and Västmanland stretch towards the sky.

For each tree used, several new ones have been planted. The pavilion's downstairs consists of a public exhibition on the theme of sustainability, open to visitors, 12 hours every day during the exhibition's 184 days.

Sweden promoted from a broader perspective

Expo 2020 is a unique platform for Swedish trade, investment and visitor promotion. The pandemic has emphasised the importance of a green reboot. It is important that Sweden is in place when the new ‘business as unusual’ is formed. It is also an opportunity to promote Sweden from a broader perspective with a focus on priority issues such as democracy, human rights, gender equality, responsible entrepreneurship and sustainability. Special emphasis and attention has been given to workers' rights throughout the project, says Commissioner General Jan Thesleff

The focus is on business promotion, attracting investment and talent as well as the broad work with the image of Sweden, says the Expo committee's chairman Karl-Henrik Sundström.

Expo 2020 is a global event, but it is also the first time a world exhibition has been held in the Middle East. For those who cannot physically visit Expo 2020, it is possible to follow it and the Swedish participation digitally.