School bus
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As schools gear up for the start of the World’s Greatest Show, aka Expo 2020 Dubai in October, they look towards the logistics of getting to the site.

The Indian High School Group of Schools issued a statement committing to taking their students on the curated educational journeys on offer for free.

There curated educational journeys on offer are:

‘The World of Opportunities’ journey, which will inspire students to unlock their potential and take an active, positive role in society.

Students will be taken through the past, present and future of mobility on ‘The Universe in Motion’ tour, traversing ancient discoveries and artificial intelligence on a journey that will explain how the physical and digital worlds continue to evolve.

‘The Sustainable Planet’ journey will empower students to create a better future for all as they discover how humanity’s actions affect nature’s ecosystems and learn how we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.

The rich culture and history of the Emirates will be highlighted on ‘The Legacy of the UAE’ tour, which will also explore the country’s plans for a bright, successful future and include insights on the design of the spectacular UAE Pavilion, shaped to resemble a falcon in flight.

The education journeys are part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s aim to ensure the World’s Greatest Show leaves a lasting and meaningful legacy for the next generation.

Alya Al-Ali, the Vice President of the Expo School Programme, said: “Each of our incredible four journeys is set to offer students an immersive, exciting and memorable experience. Aligned with the UAE’s diverse school curricula, our school journeys are wonderful opportunities for us to bring students’ classrooms to life and complement a variety of academic subjects with unique, inspiring and interactive exhibits.”

Punit MK Vasu, CEO – The Indian High Group of Schools, said: “In this glorious year 2021, when UAE turns 50, the Indian High School completed 60 dazzling years of cultivating, nurturing and building young talent. To support Dubai in its mission to become the world’s most future-forward city, The Indian High Group of Schools will make its own gesture of celebration and tribute, aligned with the vision of the rulers of Dubai by arranging Expo School Journeys transporting all its students for Expo trip absolutely free of cost without passing any costs to our parents.

“Earlier this year, we unveiled our diamond jubilee logo 60@50@2020, aligned with 50 golden years of UAE’s superlative achievements and unparalleled success that takes a huge leap with Expo 2020. The logo is a reflection of how closely connected we are with the UAE and its history. Our glorious legacy together echoes our endeavor and also inspires us to endure the future and be forthcoming. In and with the UAE we continue to grow!”