Ahead of his birthday, here’s a look at 5 times Jungkook went viral on social media.
Ahead of his birthday, here’s a look at 5 times Jungkook went viral on social media. Image Credit: Social media

The maknae (youngest member) of the South Korean K-pop band BTS turns 26 tomorrow. Fans can’t wait to celebrate their K-pop idol Jungkook’s birthday on September 1.

It’s known among Armys (BTS fans) that from singing to dancing and boxing to cooking, anything Jungkook puts his heart into, he comes out successful. This was what earned him the moniker of the ‘golden maknae’.

Ahead of his birthday, here’s a look at 5 times Jungkook went viral on social media.

1. When he slept off on Weverse

On June 12, BTS' Jungkook fell asleep during a live video on Weverse, an app for K-pop fan communities. Over 6 million people watched the live video of Jungkook sleeping for 21 whole minutes.

Jungkook had tucked himself under the covers as he appeared online. He told his fans that he was feeling anxious and couldn’t sleep. The singer knew that if he fell asleep again during a broadcast, like he did in March and a few previous live videos, he would get in trouble with his managing agency. But, he went ahead and did it anyway.

2. When he made his favourite perilla oil noodles

Fans of K-pop star Jungkook were in for a pleasant surprise on April 24, when he suddenly started making his special 'perilla oil makguksu'. During a live interaction with fans on Weverse, Jungkook tried to explain its recipe to the Armys (fans of BTS).

Makguksu is a traditional noodle dish from the Gangwon province in South Korea. Perilla oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from perilla seeds. The oil is often used in Korean sautéed vegetable dishes and some soup dishes.

Jungkook’s recipe had become so famous that apparently, restaurants in South Korea had started selling different versions of it. He later shared an updated recipe that was a healthier ‘low-salt’ variation.

3. When Jungkook's glazed sweet potatoes defied the laws of gravity

In the 20th episode of Run BTS, a South Korean variety web series starring the boy band, the members were given different recipes to cook. Jungkook was in charge of the glazed sweet potatoes. By the time he was done with the potatoes, he had glazed them so hard that they would not fall off the plate even when upturned. 

Fans found it hilarious and the 2017 video went viral. It is still widely shared by fans in throwback posts on social media.

4. When Jungkook’s ‘flying yoga’ left fans in splits

Another episode of Run BTS, titled ‘Fly BTS Fly’, featured the septet exploring aerial yoga.

Using a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to propel oneself into complex positions, aerial yoga is said to offer the benefits of yoga, pilates, and dancing, all at once. The result was a hilarious and chaotic 35 minutes of BTS struggling to stretch themselves into different poses. Jungkook’s antics with the silk hammock went viral, leaving fans in splits.

5. When he apologised to a fish

Out of all of Jungkook's golden cooking moments, this seems to be a fan favourite on social media. In an episode of ‘BTS In the Soop’, a South Korean reality series created by BigHit Entertainment and BigHit Three Sixty, Jungkook famously apologised to a fish before cooking it.

Poking the fish, he said: “I’m sorry… and thank you,” feeling bad yet thankful for the flatfish.