Shadow theatre
Shadow theatre Image Credit: Supplied

Want to tell a story but have a wicked case of stage fright? Here’s something that can help. Sharjah Heritage Days (SHD), which runs until April 10 in the city’s heritage area along the Sharjah Corniche, offers you the opportunity to perform a shadow play.

At this year’s edition of the annual event, organised by the Directorate of Heritage, Department of Culture and Information, a shadow theatre wall has been erected at the fair for visitors to showcase their own work after sunset.

Mohammed Ghobashi, a theatre director, actor and TV presenter based in the UAE, and the brain behind the Shadow Theatre at Sharjah Heritage Days, said: “Theatre is the father of all arts. So, instead of bringing theatre shows to the people this year, we decided to bring people to the theatre instead!”

“The advantage of the shadow theatre wall is that people can ‘perform’ their story, dance or make shadow animals with their hands without being directly in front of the audience, so that’s great for those who are reluctant to put themselves out in front of many people,” he added.

So far children playing at shadow animals, couples dancing behind the scenes and even an actual shadow puppet show by someone who brought along their cutout figures have been seen at the wall. “All they need is the hazy screen and spotlight behind it, very little equipment is needed,” Ghobashi explained.

So do you have a story to tell?