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Lillette Dubey and Ananth Mahadevan in the play Image Credit: Supplied

Acclaimed Indian director Mahesh Dattani will stage his play 'Dance like a Man' at Emirates Theatre in Dubai on Oct. 1.

Directed by Indian actress Lillette Dubey, the play comprises a stellar cast, including popular names from Indian cinema, theatre and television. Apart from Dubey, the cast also includes Ananth Mahadevan, Suchitra Pillai and Joy Sengupta.

'Dance Like A Man revolves around a couple, Jairaj and Ratna, and maps their struggles as classical dancers. Amritlal Parekh, Jairaj’s autocratic father, opposes their dancing and becomes the epitome of patriarchal subjugation.

The play explores social issues in contemporary Indian society and turns the spotlight on human relationships and the age-old battle between tradition and youthful rebellion.

“Dance Like a Man’s appeal lies in its universal themes of humanity,” Dubey said in a statement. The play has been staged more than 600 times across the world and is one of the longest-running English plays in India for over two decades.

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