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Directior Pushpa Ignatius. Image Credit: Supplied

Tarot cards have seldom made an appearance in Indian cinema.

Reason enough to trigger ad filmmaker Pushpa Ignatius into writing a Telugu web-series titled ‘High Priestess’ that premieres online from April 25.

Ignatius, whose short film ‘Pournami’ is still doing festival rounds after it’s Cannes screening last year, now enters the digital world.

‘High Priestess’ is centred around a psychic tarot card reader, played by veteran actress Amala Akkineni. She is Swathi Reddy who seems to read the secrets of her clients — Pooja, a mother who goes through love, loss and anger; Radhika, a young artistic woman who parties hard; Vaishnavi, a business woman who has moved to Vizag but feels unsafe in her home.

Comprising of seven stories spread across eight episodes, ‘High Priestess’ with its talented supporting cast that includes Kishore, Varalakshmi, Vijayalakshmi, Sunaina and Brahmaji is loaded with expectations.

Having known Akkineni as a close friend, Ignatius felt that only she could shoulder the role of Swati Reddy.

“She is a strong person with an intuitive mind and remains calm,” revealed Ignatius. “The series while talking about the clients also unravels Swati Reddy’s past.”

Working for the digital medium gave Ignatius more space to flesh out her characters and provide more depth to the story.

“In terms of production, ‘High Priestess’ is at par with a big feature film,” added this mother of two who enjoys watching shows online.

‘High Priestess’ is produced by Tamil actor Kresna under his banner Tribal Horse Entertainment.

The series is available to stream on Zee5.