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Director KP Vyasan on his sophomore outing narrates a story that stays away from the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims.

‘Shubarathri’ connects well with its simplicity and a social message that needs to be heard. ‘Shubarathri’s’ core plot was inspired from a newspaper report that Vyasan had read in 2016.

Mohammad (Siddique), a much respected elderly man is preparing for his Haj journey. A self-made man, Mohammad has reached a stage where his cup of happiness spills over-his three children are well settled.

Before setting out for Mecca, the devout Muslim believes in mending fences with those he has wronged in the past. So he reconciles with his aunt (Sarasa Balussery) and his school friend (Indrans) whom he had humiliated once. His former lover, Suhara (Asha Sharath), also arrives and they reconnect after several years.

After the get-together at home with friends and family on the eve of his departure, an unforeseen accident occurs in the middle of the night. A stranger lies fatally injured at his home.

‘Shubarathri’ completely belongs to Siddique who defines his Mohammad with utmost grace making him an epitome of kindness. Spontaneous and mature, it’s a pleasure watching Siddique on-screen.

You will love Mohammad who lives true to the scriptures of Islam.

Shanthi Krishna plays Mohammad’s wife. There is one scene where Suhara and Mohammad are in conversation alone and the insecure wife can’t help herself from prying into their space. Krishna was too good.

For a change, Dileep comes without the strappings of a star and is introduced to us post interval. His Krishnan is an ordinary man trying to making an honest life with his wife (Anu Sithara) and daughter. Though the story is about Mohammad, Krishnan’s character is intrinsic to Mohammad’s life.

Mohammad’s story is important in today’s times where religion divides people further. Vyasan has woven parts from his own life into the story, especially of the initial years of Mohammad. Unlike other films, where Muslims are largely vilified as terrorists, Vyasan’s ‘Shubarathri’ brings to the fore the essence of Islam in all its goodness. Not to forget that this plot has been inspired from a real man’s tale.

My only complaint is that ‘Shubarathri’ needed some slick editing.


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‘Shubharathri’ releases in the UAE on July 11.