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Last year on International Nurses Day on May 12, Malayalam actor Mohanlal made phone calls to the nurses in the UAE to boost their morale as they battled the COVID-19 pandemic from the frontlines and promised them that he would meet them in person.

A year later on August 23, this UAE golden visa holder made good on his promise and kept his date with the real-life warriors in blue.

Mohanlal, who was in the UAE to attend a private wedding, visited the Burjeel Hospital, Medical City, in Abu Dhabi and hailed their nurses for their relentless efforts towards treating COVID-19 patients.

“I just can’t thank you enough for all your selfless service … I am a proud organ donor and [have pledged to] donate my eyes — a decision that feels right after seeing all your collective efforts … Nurses, I can’t thank you all enough for all your great work during the pandemic,” said Mohanlal during their interaction.

During the meeting that was streamed live to his fans, a nurse even asked if Mohanlal considering settling down in the UAE since news just broke that he has be received the coveted UAE Golden Visa.

“I know this country for the last 40 years and I have always come here often. Usually, I stay in Dubai, but if you tell me to settle here, I may just come and stay put for good,” joked Mohanlal in Malayalam.

Mohanlal is one of South India’s long-enduring matinee idols and has acted in over 300 films in a prolific career spanning over four decades.

Mohanlal gets the UAE Golden Visa
Mohanlal gets the UAE Golden Visa Image Credit: instagram.com/mohanlal/

“This is my 44th year in the world of movies … The kind of commitment that I show towards my films and my craft stems from my gratitude, love, and earnestness towards my profession … But above all, I just feel blessed by the almighty that I am still working. The dedication that you all nurses show towards your work is like how I am towards my craft,” said Mohanlal.

Asked if he would consider making a medical thriller about nurses in the UAE, Mohanlal — who played the role of a doctor in films such as the organ racket thriller ‘Nirnayam’ — claimed that he would seriously consider it and even take it as a challenge to make such a film about the bravery and fierceness of nurses.

The actor, who celebrated this year’s Onam without the usual fanfare, also spoke about how the world was hurtling towards a new normal.

Mohanlal Image Credit: Twitter/Mohanlal

“Earlier, we used to celebrate Onam in a big way. But the world has moved to a new format. Hopefully next year, we will be able to celebrate Onam the way we used to … I pray for that,” said Mohanlal.

The bankable actor, 61, is a regular fixture in the UAE and has shot several Malayalam films including ‘Casanova’ in the UAE and commands a huge fan following among the expatriates from Kerala.