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There’s a renewed interest in Malayalam actor Dileep who’s embroiled in an on-going case about a sexual assault on a female actor.

In the last few days, a man who claims to be Dileep’s friend has alleged in several televised interviews that the actor was in contact with Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the case. Dileep is one among the 10 accused in the sexual assault case.

tab_Dileep being arrested
Kochi: Malayalam actor Dileep being taken to Aluva jail on July 11, 2017. Malayalam actor Dileep was arrested by police regarding an abduction case of an actress at Aluva in Kochi. (Photo: IANS) Image Credit: IANS

In February 2017, a popular female actor was alleged molested in a moving car. Actor Dileep was arrested a few days later on the grounds that he orchestrated the attack as a personal vendetta by paying a hefty sum to Pulsar Suni, a driver patronised by several actors. Apparently the attack was filmed so that the tape could be used to blackmail the survivor.

In a fresh development, Balachandrakumar — who was in talks with producer Dileep for his film ‘Pickpocket — claims that he has seen Suni with Dileep at the actor’s residence. He also claims that the actor had a copy of the assault video. Balachandrakumar also alleged that he had incriminating audio clips of the actor discussing the same. According to his version, he had spotted Dileep asking his brother Anoop to drop Suni off at a bus-stop, indicating that the prime accused in the case knew the actor.

These fresh allegations will add heft to the prosecution’s stand who has alleged that the actor was in procession of the visuals, according to The News Minute.

In a report published by The News Minute, Balachandrakumar also claims that Dileep’s lawyers had tried to influence a crucial witness named Sagar.

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“Dileep asked Anoop [actor’s brother] if Sagar met their lawyer. I didn’t know then who Sagar was. Later, I realised that ‘Sagar’ was Sagar Vincent, a witness for the prosecution,” Balachandrakumar alleges.

In court, Sagar — an employee at Dileep’s actor-wife Kavya Madhavan’s clothing store in Kochi — admitted that Pulsar Suni and another man had visited Laksyah store on February 22, 2017, a day before his arrest.

However, when the case came for trial Sagar changed his versions.

On December 29, the Kerala High Court has sought the responses from all the accused who declined its pleas to provide certified copies of the call details. This matter will be heard on January 6, 2022.