Image Credit: Vijay Antony/Instagram

A few days after Vijay Antony's daughter Meera Antony allegedly died by suicide, the Tamil actor issued an emotional statement on social media.

In the post written in Tamil, Vijay Antony spoke highly of his daughter.

The statement in Tamil is translated as "My Daughter Meera is such an affectionate and brave girl. She is now in a better and peaceful place where there won't be caste, creed, money, jealousy, pain. She is still talking to me. I died with her. I have now started spending time for her. I will now do good things on her behalf."

Meera was 16 years old. She breathed her last on September 19 at her residence in Alwarpet, Chennai. A postmortem was conducted as per protocols.

The demise of Meera left many in shock.

Expressing grief over Meera's death, BJP leader and actress Khushboo Sundar took to X and wrote, “As a parent, cannot even fathom the pain parents will be going through at the loss of their young 16-year-old daughter Heart goes out to #VijayAnthony his wife Fatima and their younger daughter. Decisions taken at the spur of a weak moment, leave a wound that never heals.”

She added, “Young children need to understand, they can always reach out to their parents, speak to them. They might not be in agreement with your ideas, but they will eventually understand. Parents live every moment of their lives for them. There is nothing called me time for parents. A scratch on you pains them beyond words. Imagine how would they live without you. If under stress, mental crisis, or any kind of pressure, pls reach out. To someone, anyone. But pls reach. Every problem has a solution.”