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‘Bigil’ has everything a Vijay fan looks forward to. From punch lines and a cool attitude to cute romantic moments and dance scenes — and of course big action scenes — ‘Bigil’ is well packaged.

With Vijay playing dual roles, fans couldn’t have asked more. ‘Bigil’ entertains while speaking of women empowerment through a game of football.

Rayappan (Vijay) is a gangster but he clearly does not want his son Michael (Vijay) to follow in his footsteps. An ace football player Michael has everything going for him until he finds out that he and his team members are not on the national list of players. Not one to give up, Rayappan ensures Michael his place on the team.

What makes Michael forsake football and take on his father’s mantle? And how does he return to the game?

Going beyond the life of a gangster, ‘Bigil’ raises its voice for women’s empowerment. And, riding on a star vehicle, the film loudly proclaims that women have their dreams too and can find their potential even after marriage and motherhood.

Picking an acid survivor’s story, ‘Bigil’ also emphasises that violence is to be shunned. Reba Monica John takes on a role that is a milestone in her career.

This message is reiterated in the scene where Michael has his knife close to the rival gangster’s neck but stops himself. Michael tells the gangster (Daniel Balaji): “I don’t want your son to grow up harbouring the wish of avenging his father’s death.”

Vijay’s portrayal of Rayappan — an ageing gangster — is brilliant and unlike his earlier roles. Nayanthara shares good chemistry with Vijay — she is angel in love with Michael.

Daniel Balaji is a wonderful performer but is getting predictable with similar roles. Vivek’s comedy does not sell anymore, while Jackie Shroff plays a key role.

‘Bigil’ is predictable with enough fodder for Vijay fans.