Allu Sirish is a no fuss actor and easy to chat up with. Son of noted Telugu producer Allu Arvind and the younger brother of Allu Arjun, Sirish is ready with ‘ABCD’ the Telugu remake of Dulquer Salmaan’s ‘ABCD’ in Malayalam. Allu Sirish spoke to Gulf News tabloid!

Q. What changes did the director make to suit the Telugu audience?

A. Although it is technically a remake, I wish to call it an adaptation. I think we used some 15-17 scenes from the Malayalam version. About 70 per cent of the Telugu screenplay is original. And, it’s not just about Telugu sensibilities. Much as we loved the original storyline, as an audience we wanted some changes which we have incorporated in the Telugu version. In fact, the person who did the DTS mixing for us is a Malayali who had watched the original. He loved our film and enjoyed it a lot.

Q. Did you rely entirely on the director’s inputs or was there some homework you did on your own?

A. I loved Dulquer’s work in the original but I have tried to give a fresh interpretation to the role. The director did give inputs but I mostly relied on my homework. I have several ABCD friends, Although they speak Telugu, their body language is different from ours. I observed their mannerisms body language and tried to bring that into my role.

Q. ‘ABCD’ is also about the bond between a father and son. Coming from an illustrious family with a strong background in cinema, how did your father discipline you and your siblings in your growing years?

A. My father was very strict and at 21, I did have differences with him over money. I remember asking him for a fancy sports car and he got upset. He refused to buy me that.

While watching ‘ABCD’ (Malayalam) I connected with it immediately. It was like my story. This is not just about a rich father but every middle class father thinks similarly. At the end of it, whatever parents put us through, it is for our own good. They love us. That is what got me hooked on to the film.

Q. How was it working with your director?

A. Sanjeev has done a very good job of adapting the original Malayalam story. We have not made a frame to frame loyal remake but it’s our vision of the script with the original idea. All credits to the original director.

I am thankful to Sanjeev for presenting me well. It’s a role that has given me scope to do many things — love, action, comedy and emotion.

The yet to release ‘ABCD’ also stars Rukshar Dhillon who is paired opposite Sirish. The supporting cast includes Nagendra Babu and Master Bharath. Judah Sandhy is the music composer.