jungkook Image Credit: jungkook/Instagram

BTS fans are calling K-pop idol Jungkook, a “jack of all trades” after Japanese MMA (Mixed martial arts) fighter and judoka (judo expert) Choo Sung-hoon praised the golden maknae’s boxing skills in a recent interview.

Speaking to the fashion magazine Her World Singapore, Sung-hoon said: “He (Jungkook) has really good [boxing] skills… I am surprised. Actually, Jungkook has the potential to become a professional boxer… if he focused just on training.”

The boxer added that he had invited Jungkook to train with him.

“It’s different to train with amateurs. I want him to experience what it’s like to train with a professional. And Jungkook wants to do it again.”

He also added that he loved the fact that “Jungkook eats a lot.”

He went on to detail what they ate when they visited a Korean barbecue restaurant together.

“We ate 25 packets of meat and kimchi-jjigae (stew) with fried rice and ramen.”

Jungkook started boxing in 2019 and has flaunted his skills multiple times on social media.

His fans are not surprised since they are proud of their idol’s long list of skills. From cooking to rapping and drumming to dancing, they say that Jungkook can do it all.

Many shared videos of him and showered him with compliments.

Listing out the singer's skills, fan page @dailyjkpraise tweeted: “It still feels like a dream how Jungkook just randomly started playing drums during the band’s Dynamite performance for MusiCares. Like it is true for everything, even with musical instruments, once the man decides, he wants to learn it then nothing can stop him.”

And fan @Salserabella posted: “There's nothing Jungkook can't do once he puts his mind to it, because he loves to be challenged and ends up mastering every skill! Even food!”

Who is Choo Sung-hoon?

Choo Sung-Hoon, or Yoshihiro Akiyama, is a fourth-generation Korean-Japanese MMA fighter, television celebrity, and actor in both South Korea and his home country of Japan.

The 47-year-old appeared on Netflix's Physical: 100 as a contestant and is counted in the A-list of competitors.

The show, which is set to return for a second season, seeks to find a contestant with the perfect physique. In the show, 100 athletes and professionals from different backgrounds fought with each other in multiple challenges.