Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani's latest shoot - photo 1-1576482076833
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One of 2019’s most successful Pakistani TV shows ‘Cheekh’, which was also commended for setting new benchmarks for drama serials in terms of production value, also saw the first-time pairing of Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani. Fans even called them by their screen names Mannat and Shayan.

So it’s no wonder that a leading fashion glossy recently roped them in for its cover shoot. Judging from what Qamar has been posting on her social media accounts, both look fabulous together.

What is ‘Cheekh’?

‘Cheekh’ (scream), Big Bang Entertainment’s latest drama serial, directed by Badar Mahmood, is an edgy crime thriller, a genre less explored on television in Pakistan. Beneath the play’s rather hokey title, hides a well-layered tale of an urban-based, educated woman facing intimidation of all kinds in her lone fight for justice for her best friend’s murder and attempted rape apparently at the hands of her husband’s younger brother. Read our full review here.