B.I.G Image Credit: Supplied

The region’s newest K-pop crossover showcased their Arabic singing skills once again by releasing a 35-sec upbeat release, titled ‘Corona Song’, that delivers a message of positivity and hope for those struggling with the pandemic.

In addition to B.I.G, GH Entertainment’s other artists participated in the project and sang in six different languages.

Girl group 3YE released English and Spanish versions, soloists Soya, Kang Tae-kang, and Louis Choi covered in Japanese, Chinese, and German, respectively. All the artists got together to sing a Korean version as well.


The Korean label’s artists are known for picking up new languages and making inroads into other music markets.

B.I.G — an acronym Boys in Groove — is one K-Pop band making noticeable efforts to communicate to Arabic-speaking fans. They gained attention for singing and uploading covers of Arabic songs, such as Emirati singer Hussain Al Jassmi’s ‘Boshret Kheir’, for their ‘Global Cover Project’.

Just before holding a mini-concert in Abu Dhabi last November as part of the ‘Korea Festival 2019’, the quintet dropped Arabic song ‘Illusion’ with a K-Pop twist, making them the first Korean pop act to take this initiative.

Labelmates 3YE also showcased their singing and dancing skills to Moroccan artist Manal’s singles ‘Taj’ and ‘Slay’ on YouTube.

K-Pop artists have been generously contributing and keeping active during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some have been seen joining live-streaming series and coronavirus relief events, hosting online events and making generous donations to Korean-based charities and NGOs.