Hongbin Image Credit: Instagram.com/vixx_stargram/

VIXX’s Hongbin has decided to part ways from the group following his live stream controversy.

His agency Jellyfish Entertainment made the announcement on August 7, revealing that the K-Pop star shared his intentions to withdraw from the group after discussing it with the VIXX members as well.

Though not disclosing the reason behind his departure, the cause may particularly be in regards to his controversial comments made about K-Pop artists — such as SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet, and INFINITE’s — during a reportedly intoxicated Twitch stream in February.

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After reportedly apologising for his remarks via his live broadcast a few hours after that time, Hongbin posted a written apology on Instagram and temporarily halted his activities in the entertainment industry.

VIXX will now continue to promote as five members — N, Leo, Ravi, Hyuk and Ken — moving forward.

Following his announcement from VIXX and no former agency’s statement, Hongbin confirmed his departure to fans while streaming on Twitch and shared plans to continue doing personal broadcasts.

Hongbin has been an active member of K-Pop boy group VIXX since 2012. Much like other K-Pop groups, he tried his hand in acting, securing roles in fantasy action-romance ‘Moorim School: Saga of the Brave’ and ‘Witch’s Love’.