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Big Hass Image Credit: Courtesy of Waleed Shah

UAE-based Saudi radio host and MC Hassane Dennaoui (popularly known as Big Hass) brings some fresh beats with his first single made in collaboration with Saudi rappers Al9ine and Blvxb.

The idea for the track was born from a social media challenge Hass came up with amid movement restrictions during the pandemic.

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‘Harib’, which translates to ‘Fight’ in Arabic, is produced by Big Moe, an Egyptian producer based in the UAE, and has scratching from Lebanese producer and turntablist DJ Lethal Skillz. It features the young rappers spitting bars in Arabic over an old school boom bap sound.

The song falls under a concept Hass launched in 2019 at Sole DXB called ‘Spitter’, which was a 60-minute showcase of MCs from the region.

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Image Credit: Artwork by Nora Zeid

“I challenged the rappers to rap on a beat produced by Big Moe,” Hass told Gulf News. “I got great feedback and I wanted something to live on music platforms. I reached out to Al9ine and Blvxb from Saudi Arabia, who in my opinion did a great job on this beat and I had to bring in the OG DJ Lethal Skillz to put that ‘authentic’ touch on it. Big Moe is one of my fav producers in the region and his sampling skills are just on fire. I would like to salute the designer [Nora Zeid] and the video editor [] who also helped bring my vision to life”

The song is now available on all streaming platforms accompanied by a lyrical video on YouTube.

“I have plans to release four or five tracks in the next few months. Combining MCs on beats and showcasing their lyrical ability is what I am after,” Hass added.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Waleed Shah