K-Pop group Pixy
Image Credit: Screengrab | Sylvia Kim

Manila: What happens when K-pop idols listen to Filipino music video hits? A cross-cultural pollination vibe of some sort happens.

That’s what the five-member Pixy girl group di, in a session where they listened, watched and reacted to music video hits of original Filipino love songs “Pasilyo" (by Sunkissed Lola), "Mahika" (by Adie and Janine Berdin) and "Give Me Your Forever” (by Zack Tabudlo).

In a light-hearted interview arranged by Sylvia Kim, a Youtuber who also speaks Tagalog/Korean/English, who treated the Pixy members to some some of the latest hits dominating the Manila’s airwaves.

Pixy, a South Korean girl group formed in 2021, debuted on February 24, 2021, with their digital single "Wings". The group consists of five members: Lola, Dia, Sua, Dajeong and Rinji.

For her choice of songs, Kim polled her Insta followers on what hits to play to the group. For added flavour to the session, host Kim brought out Filipino snacks for the Pixy members to munch on.

Vocalist Sua, who recalled her visit to the Philippines as a child, said: “I remember whatever I ate was so delicious.” “I’m in love right now,” she added, as they listen to “Give Me Your Forever,” by up-and-coming Filipino music hitmaker Zack Tabudlo.

'It makes my heart flutter'

Dia, the charismatic Pixy leader, said: "I’m sure I’ll listen to this personally too.”

Lola, Pixy's main rapper, said: “I’d like to add it to my play list,” to which Dajeong, the group’s main vocalist, added: “Same here… it makes my heart flutter.”

Kim, who grew up in Korea and I taught herself English, is a fan of Filipino food and culture, including the music scene.

“These songs are my personal favorites and eventually, they became Pixy’s favorites too! I feel so happy whenever I change people’s stereotypes of Filipino music and when they fall in love with it too. I hope I can spread love about OPM (original Pilipino music) more”, she wrote.

Two-way street

As the Korean wave hit the country, K-pop music has become a huge part of how Filipinos have embraced Korean culture.

The Philippines is one of the countries where K-pop’s influence is quite pervasive. Nearly all touring K-Pop artists and groups are sure to include major Philippine cities as part of their world tours and always show love for their “Pinoy” fans.

Not contented with that session, Kim recently covered Filipino hit song “Pasilyo” entirely in Korean language.

Here’s Kim’s video of the Pixy session:

Filipinos’ love of K-pop has become a two-way street: a growing  number K-pop idols trace their roots to the Philippines.

Kriesha Ziskind Teo Tiu (born December 20, 1998), better known by her stage name Kriesha Chu (Korean: 크리샤 츄), is a Filipina-American singer based in South Korea.

She first rose to fame when she auditioned for the South Korean reality show, 'K-pop Star 6.' Kriesha instantly charmed the judges with her bubbly personality and amazing voice.

Another K-pop star, Chanty Videla of the South Korean group Lapillus, traces part of her roots back to the Philippines, too. The Filipino-Argentinian turned to K-pop, Chanty – real name: Maria Chantal Videla – worked in Manila as an actress and model before hitting the K-Pop stage after passing her rigorous training camp.