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Wonho, formerly of Monsta X, officially launched his solo career with English track ‘Losing You’.

The singer-songwriter opened up a new chapter with the piano-driven ballad after parting ways with the K-Pop group amid a series of allegations that emerged online last year involving unpaid debts, drug use and his pre-debut behaviour.

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Co-written by Wonho, the song is off his forthcoming debut mini-album ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’, and comes after months of fan-driven fund-raisers, campaigns, online petitions, and supportive Twitter trends demanding his reinstatement.

The love song is dedicated to his unwavering fans who’ve been by his side as he passionately sings: “Baby I would go to war for you, build an army if you need me to, cause losing me is better than losing you.”

“For me, ‘Losing You’ is about the connection between people, and the selflessness of loving someone so much that you’ll become one with them and they become even more important to you than yourself,” Wonho said in a press release.

The emotional music video is filled with monochromatic backdrops while the singer is seen alone in dark spaces, signifying his journey while away from the spotlight.

Born Lee Ho-seok, the singer decided to depart from Monsta X — consisting of members Shownu, Kihyun, Joohoney, Hyungwon, Minhyuk and I.M. — to protect and lessen the damage inflicted on their reputation.


His agency Starship Entertainment terminated his contract shortly after an investigation was launched.

Wonho was cleared of all marijuana usage charges by the Seoul police in March and went on to sign with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary label of Starship Entertainment — home to groups such as WJSN and Cravity — a month later.

Though no further details on his upcoming album have been released, it is slated for a September 4 release.