Jun Image Credit: Supplied

Seventeen’s Jun surprised fans with announcing his first Chinese solo single album, the name of which translates to ‘Can You Sit Next to Me?’.

The new special album will released on December 14.

Jun has yet to release the tracklist of his upcoming work but based on the teaser image uploaded online, his solo music will be showing an emotional and sentimental side of him.

Managed by Pledis Entertainment, Jun debuted along with 12 other members in one of K-Pop’s biggest boy bands in 2015. Alongside Hoshi, The8 and Dino, Juno is part of the group’s Performance Unit, made up of Seventeen’s top dancers. The Hip-Hop Unit is composed of Wonwoo, S.coups, Mingyu, and Vernon, while the Vocal Unit features singers Joshua, Woozi, Jeonghan, DK, and Seungkwan.

Seventeen’s last album ‘Oh My!’ was released back in July.