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Yeonwoo, Ahin, Hyebin, Nancy, Nayun, Jooe and Jane. Image Credit: Supplied

Momoland returned as a seven-member ensemble with their first single of 2019.

Last Wednesday, the group hyped up fans by releasing their fifth EP ‘Show Me’ and an electro-pop track with rock elements, ‘I’m So Hot’. It was a hit amongst their local and international fan base, devotedly known as Merry-Go-Round.

In addition to the title track, the EP consists of five tracks: ‘Falling U’, ‘Light Up’, ‘Holiday’, ‘What You Want’ and an instrumental version of ‘I’m So Hot’.

The versatile group’s EP was released alongside a vibrant music video for the title track, showing the members getting ready backstage and serving up some fun group choreography.

Daisy, who confirmed her relationship with iKON member Song Yun-hyeong, and Teaha were not included in the group’s comeback due to personal reasons and health issues, according to their label MLD Entertainment. They will rejoin the band in their next album.

The group’s new material is their first in nine months since fourth mini album, ‘Fun To The World’.

Momoland rose to fame last year with catchy hit tracks ‘BBoom BBoom’ and ‘Baam’ and its easy-to-follow choreography. They went on to win multiple awards and held their first concert in the UAE this January.