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A number of K-Pop acts debut every year, vying for a chance to make it big in the highly competitive industry. But D-Crunch — short for Diamond-Crunch — are hitting the ground running and are starting to get a foothold in the K-Pop scene.

Much like their name implies, the hip hop oriented group are proving to be unbreakable through their youthful and hard-hitting songs and performances that can virtually crush the strongest gemstones, diamonds. And it seems to be working; it earned them the Focus Award at the 2018 Asia Artist Awards in just four months since their debut in August 2018 under talent agency All-S Company.

The nine-piece group spoke with Gulf News tabloid! in an exclusive interview before their performance in Abu Dhabi on October 24 as part of Korea Festival 2019.

What was running through your minds when you all were informed that you’ll be holding a debut performance in Abu Dhabi?

O.V: First, I was excited as it’s our first time to perform in the Middle East then I thought we should prepare it very well to give the good first impression.

If you had to describe D-Crunch in one word or sentence, what would it be?

Hyunwoo: An idol group that keeps growing.

What can fans expect from your performances in the capital?

Chanyoung: We have changed some parts of our choreography to fit the Middle Eastern culture, and of course we will be doing our best as always so please look forward to our powerful performance!

Your latest release is with EP ‘M0527’. While working on this album, were you all influenced by an artist or anything in particular?

Hyunwook: ‘M0527’ came out from the thought we always had on the stage: ‘We want to communicate more and have fun with the fans!’ We always write songs based on this idea.

You’re all heavily involved in the band’s music and choreographies. What’s your creative process like ahead of a new release?

Jeongseung: We usually write songs first. We gather ideas of all the members to write a song, then create choreography of the song.

Are there any songs that you can’t stop listening to at the moment or is an all-time favourite?

Hyunwook: I love Bruno Mars’ songs, he’s one of my favourite artists and role models.

Hyunho: I listen to ballads a lot. Especially I like ‘11:11’ of Taeyeon, I feel relaxed listening to this song.

O.V: Recently I’m into ‘Circles’ of Post Malone, who is one of the hottest artists in the US these days. It brilliantly describes the situation of a couple going round and round the same things although they don’t have feelings anymore.

Hyunwoo: I get excited and really enjoy when I listen to songs of OH MY GIRL.

Minhyuk: Paul Kim’s songs make me peaceful. I especially like ‘So Long’.

Chanyoung: I listen to Lee Ba Da’s songs a lot these days, her voice is intriguing.

Jeongseung: I listen to ‘Acid Dreams’ of MAX. I like the mood of the music and lyrics, and it perfectly shows MAX’s unique vocal.

Dylan: I recently got interested in R‘n’B, and listen to songs of Crush often as it’s also good for my vocal practice.

What were some of your favourite artists growing up?

Hyunwook: I’ve grown up listening to Michael Jackson, so I think he’s the artist who influenced me the most.

Hyunho: I love IU’s wide scope of musical skills.

O.V: Dynamic Duo for me.

Hyunwoo: I love the tones of Busker Busker and BOL4.

Hyunoh: Since I’ve started dancing, I put a lot of efforts to be as good as Jimin of BTS and he’s still my role model.

Minhyuk: I love Exo! I started to like Exo when my friends in school showed me a video of their ‘Growl’ performance and it was just so cool, so I even practiced the choreography.

Is there anywhere in the UAE you’d like to visit or any cuisine you’ve been wanting to try?

Hyunwook: I heard lamb chop is the must try food in the UAE and I don’t want to miss it!

Hyunho: I want to try kofta, which I was told is really good. Maybe at the restaurant called Abu Shakra, I heard it’s really popular among Koreans.

O.V: I really want to visit Ferrari World, the biggest indoor theme park. It sounds really exciting with all the rides, experiences, and all the Ferraris displayed.

Hyunwoo: I want to see the great view and the Dubai Fountain at Burj Khalifa. I’ve seen a video of the Dubai Fountain show and it looked amazing.

Hyunoh: I’ve always wanted to visit Abu Dhabi and I’m really excited that I’m actually coming.

Minhyuk: I want try lamb chops and hummus. I want to see the leisure side of the UAE as well.

Chanyoung: I want to try all the food of the UAE, but especially falafels.

Jeongseung: I’d like to visit the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It seems to be a really fascinating architecture, want to see both at day light and dark.

Dylan: I hope to have a desert tour in Al Ain. Only a photo of the desert is also very peaceful and beautiful. For food, I want to try machboos.

What’s next for D-Crunch? Is there something you want to try in the future, musically or just generally?

O.V: First, we will never stop creating our own works, which is a part of our identity, and we will go anywhere on earth to perform so that more people could know of D-Crunch. Also, we would like to try more diverse genres. Please expect more charms of D-Crunch like chameleons.


Don’t miss it!

D-Crunch perform at the Cultural Foundation, Al Hosn, Abu Dhabi, as part of the Korea Festival on October 24. The event is free to attend but prior registration is mandatory at KoreaFestivalUAE.com.