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Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot at by unknown people in Mansa district of Punjab, on May 29, 2022. Image Credit: ANI

Even as Bollywood and the Punjabi film and music fraternities lead the condolences following the shock and tragic death of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, fans are theorising whether he had already predicted his untimely demise that bears an uncanny similarity to his final track, ‘The Last Ride’.

As news of Moosewala’s death broke on social media late Sunday, the hashtag #TheLastRide also started to trend, which the singer had released a mere two weeks earlier.

Several fans have noticed uncanny similarities between the song and the circumstances of Moosewala’s death; the Punjabi singer was gunned down in a village in Punjab’s Mansa district on Sunday a day after the government had removed his security.

According to reports, ‘The Last Ride’ was reportedly a tribute to rap legend Tupac Shakur who was similar shot dead in his car in 1996 in 25. Moose wala was similarly shot dead my unidentified assailants.

At one point in his song, Moose Wala crooned: “Ho chobbar de chehre utte noor dassda, ni ehda uthuga jawani Ch Janaja Mithiye (Everything is revealed in the eyes of the young boy that the funeral will take place in its youth).”

The cover image for Moosewala’s last song was a picture from the murder scene of rapper Tupac.

With grieving fans drawing parallels, one wrote: “This was sidhu moosewala last released song - THE LAST RIDE the cover is similiar to the way he was shot,” while sharing a picture of the cover image.

Another fan wrote on Twitter: “He already knew everything about his death #TheLastRide.”

“Crazy how life works sometimes. Moosewala had just dropped “The Last Ride”. The image featured on it is the crime scene from Tupac’s assassination. Where he also was shot and killed whilst sat in the front right-hand seat of the Mahindra car. #TheLastRide #sidhumoosewala,” posted another.

FIR Registered

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Mansa, May 29 (ANI): A bullet-ridden vehicle of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala is pictured after he was attacked by unknown people, in the Mansa district of Punjab on Sunday. He was admitted to the Mansa Hospital and later declared dead. (ANI Photo) Image Credit: ANI

According to the latest update, the Punjab Police has registered an FIR or First Information Report against unknown persons in the shooting.

Notably, CCTV footage has emerged on social media which shows two cars trailing Moosewala’s vehicle moments before he was shot dead in Mansa. The video, however, is not verified by the state police yet, according to an IANS report.

Meanwhile, Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar has reportedly claimed responsibility for Moosewala’s murder in a Facebook post on Sunday evening. Brar is a close aide of gang leader Lawrence Bishnoi, who is reportedly being investigated in the singer’s murder.

Punjab Police so far has said that preliminary investigation shows it to be an inter-gang rivalry.

The shooting incident occurred two days after Punjab Police withdrew the security cover of 424 persons including Moosewala.

Moosewala had contested this year’s Punjab assembly election on a Congress ticket from Mansa and was defeated by AAP candidate Vijay Singla.

Vijay Singla was recently sacked by Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann from his cabinet over charges of corruption. — With additional inputs from IANS