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Ghaliaa Image Credit: Supplied

The Beat DXB has has partnered up with G-Shock Middle East to present a full-day concert on Instagram on April 8, with a massive line-up of 35 performers.

The event, which is split up into 10-minute slots that are divided amongst the artists’ individual Instagrams, will take place from 2.15pm until 11.55pm UAE time.

The Beat DXB founder Big Hass says due to the coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing requirements to stay at home, artists and freelancers around the world are facing limited income avenues.

Sponsorship for this event will be donated to charity.

“I am not saying that the 10 minutes they will perform here will change their career, but artists also need to keep going and creating. With the lockdown event, I wanted to show their talent and show appreciation for what they do,” said Hass.

“Hopefully through this event, future brands and corporations can also look at the talent that we have got and engage with them for future initiatives, after COVID-19 is done,” he added.

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The initiative aims to uplift spirits, showcase diversity and potentially encourage more brands to reach out to artists and compensate them through future online events.

The event kicks off with a freestyle set from spoken word artist Suhaib Alises and ends with a joint set between eKay and Zenden Lavon.

Acts include Abri and Aleksandra Kristic (joint set), Ghaliaa, Shebani, Michelle, Elias Sabella, Sways N Edges, Dina Stars and Jindi; rappers such as Reazon, Freek x DJ Liutik, KC Hamada and Moh Flow; and producers such as A’Y and Rayan Bailouni.

A full line-up of artists is available on social media.