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Rahul Kaul (right) with Indian cricketer Mohammed Shami Image Credit: Supplied

Rahul Kaul, the brainchild behind the Dubai-based Dejavu Entertainment and Events, is responsible for introducing Bollywood nights to the city — social gatherings that see famous faces intermingle with influencers from the UAE.

The entrepreneur long ago realised that behind any successful social or business event is a team that excels at event management planning. Turning that niche market into his success story, Kaul etched out his own road map to become a known name on the party circuit and there has been no going back since.

Through his Dejavu Events, Kaul gradually started working with Bollywood and started courting them to make appearances at his events. Over the years, he claims, names such as Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, comedian Kapil Sharma and Indian fast pacer Mohammed Shami have all been spotted at some of his events.

Kaul is now also working with top brands in the framework of content creation, launching the IMDDXB Influencer Agency that connects companies with movers and shakers who use their social media reach for promotion, either through word of mouth or peer recommendations. This step into the field of influencer marketing is fueling Kaul’s momentum into the digital space.

The entrepreneur is now looking ahead to take his brand global and expand further in the field of content creation. “It is all about prioritising goals. Once your goals are set, you must set timelines for each task. My idea is to have various businesses and create a team of highly experienced professionals who can manage distinctive works”, said Kaul in a chat with Business World India earlier this year.

His timeline included acquiring a yacht company to launch The Dejavu Yacht, taking his party patrol to the high seas, which he claimed helped his business immensely during the onset of the pandemic.

“I always believe in having a backup for everything. Social media is a fun place for me, and I loved to upload pictures from my happy moments that just happened to click with people. On the other hand, I know so many people who love the sea and want to experience a yacht ride but think it’s too expensive. I’ve found a mid-way to ensure everyone can have some fun without burning a hole in their pocket,” he said.

When not at his desk, Kaul finds time to lend his time to humanitarian causes.