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Last month, Netflix released a gory body horror and psychological thriller known as “The Perfection”, and it is making most of the viewers who watch it extremely uncomfortable and queasy.

The story about a girl named Charlotte, who is a successful cello wunderkind with a difficult childhood. Charlotte then meets Lizzie, the new star pupil at her former school. In addition, both go down a messed up path that is both evil and unpredictable.

Since the movie released, hundreds have gone to twitter to express their discomfort about the movie.

Here are a few Twitter reactions: 

Why is it making people physically ill?

The movie is full of gore and, some pretty sickening imagery including projectile vomiting, blood, pain and lots and lots of bugs.

The story on its own has plenty of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

‘The Perfection’ is now streaming on Netflix.