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US actress Scarlett Johansson Image Credit: EPA

American actor Scarlett Johansson who recently received backlash for her supporting American director Woody Allen, got candid in an interview about her relationship with him and why she continues to defend him despite allegations leveled against him for sexual abuse.

The 35-year-old Johansson addressed the criticism she’s received over her comments, stating that she doesn’t want to “edit” herself when it comes to sharing her feelings, reported Vanity Fair.

“I’m not a politician, and I can’t lie about the way I feel about things,” Johansson said. “I don’t have that. It’s just not a part of my personality. I don’t want to have to edit myself or temper what I think or say. I can’t live that way. It’s just not me.”

The ‘Black Widow’ actor further said: “Also, I think that when you have that kind of integrity, it’s going to probably rub people, some people, the wrong way, And that’s kind of par for the course, I guess.”

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Woody Allen photo call 'Irrational Man' Cannes Film Festival 2015 Cannes, France May 15, 2015 ©Kurt Krieger

During September 2019 interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, Johansson, who has worked on films such as ‘Scoop’, ‘Match Point’, and ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ with Allen, was asked how she feels about the director.

She said: “I love Woody. I believe him, and I would work with him anytime.”

The actor went on to add: “I see Woody whenever I can, and I have had a lot of conversations with him about it. I have been very direct with him, and he’s very direct with me. He maintains his innocence, and I believe him.”

Allen has denied the abuse claims leveled again him by his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow when she was a child.