Nicki Minaj hits the dunes in Abu Dhabi with TV personality Rah Ali. Image Credit: Instagram

Looks like Nicki Minaj has put all celebrity feuds behind her and found time for a bit of romance in Dubai with her “new boy” by her side, shortly after she alluded to the relationship on her Queen radio show.

Hot off the Versace front row at Milan Fashion Week, the Barbie Dreams rapper was spotted in Dubai with Formula One star Lewis Hamilton in a video that was later shared by Instagram-based celebrity gossip account, The Shade Room.

The video in question sees the couple stepping out of an elevator, with Minaj dressed in a Versace outfit. She later posted a clip on her Instagram account wearing the same outfit, with no sighting of Hamilton this time. However, social media users swear it’s the Mercedes driver’s reflection that can be seen in the elevator panel behind her.


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Minaj’s social media revelations continued that same evening, this time taking the singer to a dark strip of a beachfront, which she described in a post as “AbuBarbie Dubai.”

Corresponding posts also show the rapper indulging in a favoured tourist pastime as she hit the Abu Dhabi sands riding a dune buggy, racing along the terrain, seemingly oblivious to the UAE’s scorching summer heat.


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The rumour mill has been abuzz about a budding romance between Minaj and Hamilton ever since the duo was seen partying into the late hours during New York Fashion Week earlier this month. After posing together at the event, the couple was also spotted having dining at a restaurant in a video obtained by celebrity gossip site TMZ. The couple was also seen arriving in the same SUV.

When talk show host Ellen DeGeneres quizzed Minaj about her “new boy”, the singer remained elusive about the romance, saying: “Well, there’s a new boy, but he and I kind of fell back a little bit… And then there’s a newer… yeah, fairly new. He’s been around for a couple weeks now. But I don’t have a boy.”

However, this news was overshadowed in the wake of the volcanic showdown between Minaj and fellow rapper Cardi B at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. For those who missed the drama, the end result of their infamous fight saw Minaj face the end of Cardi B’s flying stiletto and the Bodak Yellow rapper leaving the event with a bump on her head.