Bill & Ted Face the Music
Bill & Ted Face the Music Image Credit: Supplied

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are reuniting and returning to the big screen in the upcoming ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music,’ the third installment in the film series that began with 1989’s ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ This time, the older Bill and Ted have to write a song that will save the world.

Released on Tuesday, the new movie’s first official trailer shows that Theodore Logan III (Reeves) and William S Preston Esq. (Winter) have slowed down a bit in their music career. A voice-over by actress Holland Taylor reminds Bill and Ted that “25 years ago, you played a concert in front of the entire world” and cuts to a scene of them onstage in front of a never-ending crowd.

“One month ago,” continues Taylor, “you performed in Barstow, California, for 40 people — most of whom were there for $2 Taco Night.”

When asked what they have to say for themselves, the duo resurrect their catchphrases. “Be excellent to each other,” Winter says, followed by Reeves’ “Party on, dudes.”

As the pair struggles to write the song that will unite the world, they have the most excellent idea to travel to the future and take the song from themselves once they have already written it. But they find their future selves in a surprising situation.

Orion Pictures’ ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music,’ which arrives nearly 30 years after its 1991 sequel (‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’), is set for release in the US on August 21, hopefully to be watched in reopened movie theatres.