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Action star Jackie Chan’s latest film ‘Vanguard’ had its UAE premiere at Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall, on September 28, paving the way for a movie that’s high on stunts, witty dialogue and spectacular views of Dubai.

Director Stanley Tong’s spy thriller, releasing in the UAE on October 8, was partially shot in the city and sees Chan’s character Tang Huanting race against time to save a high-profile client of his security company Vanguard from a terrorist group. The businessman’s daughter is also in peril, but his Vanguard team is quick to intervene.

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The movie features some well executed fight scenes — a fast-paced kitchen scene harks back to Chan’s classic, humorous style — and high-speed car chases through Dubai’s streets. It never gets old seeing areas of the city we all love, such as the Dubai Fountain and City Walk, be projected onto a big screen. There are also gold-plated vehicles, Dubai Police super cars, complicated martial arts and a whole lot of laughs to be had — even if the flick is thin on plot and sometimes you’re snickering at the campy acting.

But that’s all part of the appeal of a mindless, popcorn entertainer.

Chan, 66, is as charming as ever in the movie but leaves the heavy lifting to supporting actors Yang Yang, Ai Lun and Miya Muqi, who in turns bring comedy, action and a bit of romance to the movie. Muqi, who also starred in ‘Kung Fu Yoga’, is particularly excellent as a female member of Vanguard; her martial arts skills are a treat to watch.

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Miya Muqi in Dubai.

In 2019, Chan spoke to Gulf News about being in Dubai to shoot for ‘Vanguard’. The actor first filmed in the city for the 2015 movie ‘Kung Fu Yoga’.

“After ‘Kung Fu Yoga’, I go back, I tell all my friends — no matter Hong Kong, Taiwan, all the directors there — you should film in Dubai... When you film here, you’re comfortable,” he said in an interview.

“Dubai is a good place to film, so this is why we’re coming back. I believe, for the future, we’ll come back again and again. But I need all the police cars,” Chan added.

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‘Vanguard’ releases in the UAE on October 8.