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Mayim Bialik in a file photo Image Credit: Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP

‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Mayim Bialik has revealed she’s tested positive for COVID-19 and has discussed its impact on mental health in a video she has posted on her social media.

“I’m feeling better…but I still don’t have a ton of energy,” Bialik said about her condition a day after she revealed she had tested positive.

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Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik on 'The Big Bang Theory' Image Credit: Warner Bros.

The actress, who said that she’s been vaccinated and boosted, has still found herself struggling with the effects of the coronavirus.

“It’s no joke. It’s very exhausting, the exhaustion is very special. I had mononucleosis when I was in college and the exhaustion hits like that where you cannot be awake, you can try to be awake but then all of a sudden you need to sleep,” Bialik continued, while adding that the virus is nothing like the ‘flu.

“You don’t hear of ‘long flu.’ This is a very different kind of virus…Please be careful. Stay safe,” she added, while getting emotional as she spoke about her elevated anxiety levels.

“Something that I hadn’t kind of anticipated is I have a new level of anxiety about going out. I definitely have been very vigilant and while I happened to be traveling in the safest way that I could… Part of me feels guilty that I went out. I feel guilty. I feel sad. And I’m worried about the world again and our health in the world,” she added.

She continued: “The mental health impact of this — especially for those of us who already have anxiety or are predisposed to catastrophic thinking — this feels really scary. And I know that it will pass. The intensity will pass.”

The actress also thanked her ‘Big Bang Theory’ co-star Melissa Rauch for her “unbelievable care package of soup and throat tea.”

Bialik shot to fame when she joined the sit-com as Amy Fowler on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ as a series regular, going on to date and then marry Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons.