Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson in The Beaver. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Cast Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster
Director Jodie Foster

There are two things it's impossible to get away from in The Beaver - its decidedly wacky premise and the Mel Gibson factor. As Walter Black, a man on the precipice of a very deep depression, Gibson finds a beaver glove puppet in the trash which he sticks on his hand and starts using to communicate with the friends and family he had previously shut out.

With his illness affecting his entire family, wife Meredith (Foster) wants him out, whilst sons Porter (Star Trek's Anton Yelchin) and Henry (Riley Thomas Stewart in wide-eyed moppet mode) want their dad back. What's fascinating is how Walter uses the puppet to create distance between himself and his negative traits. Mel must hope this will do the same for him.