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Dubai-based Filipino designer-to-the-stars Michael Cinco made a cameo in Crazy Rich Asians — or at least, one of his dresses did.

Famed Filipino actress Kris Aquino wore a custom-made Cinco gown during a pivotal scene in the film, in which she portrays Princess Intan.

“The dress is in yellow colour according to Kris Aquino specifications. Her role is an Asian princess, and she’s supposed to wear yellow. I made a fully calado-inspired embroidery [a Filipino technique of embroidery] on her gown on tulle and chiffon,” Cinco told Gulf News tabloid!.


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“I was contacted by her stylists, the fabulous sisters Boop and Kimi Yap, to make a gown for her in two weeks’ time,” he added.

Aquino is known for championing fellow creatives from the Philippines. She wore another yellow design, this time by countryman Michael Leyva, as she walked the red carpet during the Crazy Rich Asians premiere.

Cinco has previously dressed Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez amongst other celebrities.

Crazy Rich Asians releases in the UAE on August 16.