Salman Khan
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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is back in familiar form in the trailer of ‘Radhe’, his Eid release out in the UAE cinemas on May 13. In India, his fans have the option of watching it online in the pay-per-view format or in theatres.

Directed by Prabhu Deva, Khan is in a familiar turf here as he flexes his brawn to beat evil. In the 2 minute, 51 second trailer, Khan plays a fierce do-gooder who is on call to clean up the rot in Mumbai city. The Mumbai police force seems to have incredible faith in his power to root out criminals.

"I will clean this city," snarls Khan in his trademark style and swagger. 

Randeep Hooda, who plays the antagonist, is in Khan's line of fire and seems to take great pleasure in doing shady dealings. The trailer also showcases Khan spewing bombastic one-liners, romancing a very young Disha Patani, and dancing on stage along with wielding a gun. If the trailer is anything to go by, it's a typical Salman Khan 'masala' entertainer where there's a bit of action, romance, comedy and dance. 

‘Radhe’ also stars Jackie Shroff and Megha Akash.

The film seems to be capitalising heavily on Khan's star power and his on-style histrionics. Don't beat yourself up if you feel you have seen Khan in similar roles before.  But the actor is usually indestructible in films that tap into his signature style of acting. Like always, Khan seems to be this one-man-army who can conquer evil by just flexing his muscles and looking menacing. It remains to be seen if Khan's on-screen charisma will work this time around. 

Khan isn’t the only actor who will have an Eid release. According to reports, John Abraham’s ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ will also release on May 13 as the actor is keen to capitalise on the festive Eid weekend.

Satyamev Jayate 2
Satyamev Jayate 2 Image Credit: Supplied