Karnesh Ssharma and Anushka Sharma
Karnesh Ssharma and Anushka Sharma Image Credit: instagram.com/kans26

Entertainment entrepreneur Karnesh Ssharma, the brother of actress and film producer Anushka Sharma, has announced the launch of a new “female-oriented” streaming platform Clean OTT scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

Clean OTT content will comprise international and regional projects across films, web series and docu-series. They will include originally curated and produced works by Clean and pre-selected projects that meet the Clean OTT messaging framework by other producers from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The library will showcase the credentials of an experienced team of directors, scriptwriters, actors, and producers associated with Clean Slate Filmz, as well as giving rise to emerging talent.

Speaking about the launch, Clean OTT founder Ssharma said: “I have always believed in the power of storytelling to move hearts and minds and I am conscious of the responsibility that entertainment platforms have in producing and promoting stories that do not endorse bias. For centuries patriarchy has governed storytelling, and as a man, I have always felt men play an equal part in shifting the narrative, conversation, and power shifts.”

Ssharma, who recently announced a $54 million (Dh198.3 million) content deal with Amazon Prime and Netflix for his production company Clean Slate Filmz, will provide a roster of content placing female actors, directors and producers at its heart and giving India, the world’s largest film export, a central role to play in challenging global gender stereotypes.

He added: “When the voices of women are heard, it teaches us new perspectives which, as an audience and filmmaker, are just as compelling and interesting. Its stereotypical when I hear people say women’s stories are just about oppression or fall into the romantic comedy genre. Female first content is in fact extremely exciting and eclectic.”

Speaking about the importance of market segmentation for its content strategy, Karnesh shared: “We believe there is a unique opportunity to expand content. For example, women make up 50 per cent of viewership in India yet most of the content is male focused or represents women in a secondary fashion.

“We are confident the Clean OTT narratives will appeal to everyone as we provide a platform free of prejudice. This will give women a voice that can be enjoyed by any demographic around the world and for those who are part of our productions, a path for career progression.”

Clean OTT will be available across web platforms, mobile apps, subscription platforms and other content aggregators around the world.