Rotem Shamir and Ajay Kapoor
Rotem Shamir and Ajay Kapoor Image Credit: Supplied

Israeli director Rotem Shamir, of ‘Fauda’ fame, is set to helm his first Indian movie called ‘Garud’.

The action movie, based on the true events of the Afghan rescue crisis, is being produced by Ajay Kapoor and Subhash Kale.

Shamir said in a statement: “‘Garud’ is a very exciting film, while it is focused on the Indian aspect of the story, it has a universal appeal that promises to connect with people all across. I have been fascinated with the content from the Indian entertainment industry for a long time, hence when Ajay Kapoor brought this film to me, I knew I had to take it. Especially looking forward to working with Ajay Kapoor, who has been associated with so many varied films.”

‘Garud’ is set to be a fictionalised depiction of the rescue mission in Afghanistan, based on the story of an ITBP officer and his team of special forces, a statement read.

Kapoor added: “‘Garud’ is a huge project for me, I’m emotionally driven to the film and want to give it the best treatment possible. Rotem Shamir is a renowned filmmaker and has a great experience in the sensibilities that we are looking at for ‘Garud’. Rotem Shamir and I are planning various projects together as a team.”

The cast of the movie is yet to be announced.