190309 Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt Image Credit: PTI

Actress Alia Bhatt on Saturday extended gratitude as she crossed the 50 million marks of followers on Instagram.

The ‘Gully Boy’ star took to the photo-sharing platform and dubbed the day as an “appreciation day” for her fans.

“Today is appreciation day.. thank you my family.. my people.. you have today given me 50M love.. I love you ALL to the stars and beyond. I’d like to take this moment to share something I’ve learned over the last couple of months,” she wrote. The 27-year-old then went on to impart what she had learned in the “last couple of months,” with her Instafam.

“Social media connects us.. it excites us and yes it also entertains us.. but IT IS NOT US. Even when I was at 5, I5 or 50K love I was as happy and as grateful as I am today. I truly truly truly believe that our lives are made up of the relationships we cultivate with people and most importantly OURSELVES...no one has the right to make you feel any lesser or greater by the touch of a button,” she wrote.

The ‘Raazi’ star then urged her fans to “take a moment,” to appreciate themselves, their mind, their body, their heart, and their soul. “So as I said, today is appreciation day. I would like you all to take a moment and appreciate yourselves.. appreciate your mind,your body,your heart and your soul!!Because no like or dislike.. no follow or unfollow..no troll or poll can take who YOU are away from yourself. Okay bye,” she wrote.