Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor Image Credit: X

Actor Sonam Kapoor shared a wrap-up video with her fans, featuring cherished moments she spent with husband Anand Ahuja and son Vayu.

The video also has glimpses of her achievements, her family members, and much more. She took to her Instagram handle and wrote a long note.

She started with, “The last year has been a roller coaster. Coming to accept the fact that we are parents and all the joys and fears that came with it. Understanding that I had changed drastically emotionally, physically and spiritually and that comes with pain, acceptance and eventually exhilaration.”

Sonam also mentioned her husband’s health and what he had faced in 2023. “Then dealing with my husband falling very sick which no doctor could diagnose and eventually finding out what it was and him recovering completely (it was three months of hell and thank you God and Dr Sarin). Moving talent agencies and moving out and into new homes 4 times!”

She shared how she supported her husband in his work, “Starting work again while supporting my husband in his work and his exponential growth at work, while trying to spend time with my precious family and incredible friends has been the most tough, amazing, fulfilling and enriching year.”

Kapoor has many hopes for the New Year: “I hope this year too comes with all the lessons and growth that come with ups and downs. I hope the world understands that war leads to nothing.”

Sonam also expressed her pain and agony over the loss of all the lives in 2023 and wrote, “Praying for all the lives lost in the unfair and horrendous war that’s happening right now, where only civilians and children are getting hurt ...”

Sharing her best wishes, she wrote, “On this new year I hope for peace and joy in this world and I’m filled with gratitude and humility for the life I’ve been given. Happy new year everyone. Love you all.”