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Maharashtra, Jan 23 (ANI): Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Filmmaker Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari at a press conference for the promotion of their upcoming film 'Panga', in Mumbai on Wednesday. (ANI Photo) Image Credit:

‘Panga’ director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari says she would like to make a biopic on Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut.

“I have no issues in making a biopic... if she allows me to do so. But I think there are still many things to come her way. Let her get married and then I’ll think of making a biopic on her. After acting in ‘Thalaivi’, even Kangana gave a thought about making a biopic on her,” Tiwari said.

“She was so excited that she wanted to direct her own biopic. Still, if I get a chance to make her biopic, I’ll make it for sure. Maybe with the title ‘Kangana v/s Kangana’. She is a very straightforward person and tells everything truthfully,” Tiwari added.

The filmmaker also shared a sneak-peek into the kind of relationship she shares with the Bollywood star.

“I respect Kangana Ranaut a lot as an actor. I feel that there is a humane side to her which she doesn’t want to show to anyone. The reason she doesn’t want to show her side, because I think if someone keeps bouncing what you said on phone or Twitter, what will you do? It’s like a call centre heckling you with phone calls after phone calls. Eventually what will you do? You would switch off your phone or you would shout back and I think that’s the whole issue.

“When the entire controversial Pandora’s Box opened up about Kangana during ‘Manikarnika’, I was shooting with her for ‘Panga’. No one knew what she felt or went through during the time. I have a different relationship with her. I have a relationship based on trust and I would like to say, we both are similar in one aspect — we don’t care what the world is saying about us.”