WKR 191024 Liaquat ali – gardener, from Invisibles by Kyra Dupont Troubetzkoy.-1572111205511
Liaquat ali – gardener, from Invisibles by Kyra Dupont Troubetzkoy.

Dubai: After moving to Dubai in 2012, French-Swiss writer and journalist Kyra DuPont Troubetzkoy was inspired to write the books — Perles des Emirats about Emirati women and My Fantastic Life in Dubai. As she prepares to return to Switzerland, Troubetzkoy is bidding farewell to the city with an exhibition titled, Invisibles.

The show features portraits of people such as maids, gardeners, drivers, petrol pump attendants, security guards, life guards and supermarket attendants along with recordings of their favourite music, and texts telling the stories of their journey to Dubai, their life here, their families, their dreams and challenges. The artist intends to share the sale proceeds with her subjects.

“These people work hard to make our lives easier, but we often do not even notice them. My interactions with these ‘invisibles’ who come from various countries and cultures has enriched my life immensely. This show is about thanking them, preserving my memories of them and paying tribute to them in this Year of Tolerance. I included their favourite music so that viewers can be immersed in their world and relate with them better,” Troubetzkoy says.

Invisibles will run at La Galerie, Alliance Française Dubai, until November 5.