Abu Dhabi: A prominent Emirati poet was honoured yesterday during a two-day symposium titled "Abu Dhabi: 250 years of Development".

Ousha Bint Khalida Al Suwaidi, credited with a unique style of depicting scenes and observations on various topics from daily life, was honoured for her contributions to the history of Abu Dhabi.

Organised by the Emirates Heritage Club and the Sultan Bin Zayed Centre for Culture and Media, the symposium concluded yesterday.

"Ousha is a formidable woman… at a time when women's roles were confined mainly to the home, she was composing poetry, describing scenes of Emirati life, beauty, love, and of course, her environment," said Fatima Mohammad Al Suwaidi, assistant professor in the Arabic Department at Qatar University.

"Because of her efforts, especially her courage in discussing topics that were usually considered taboo for Emirati women at the time, such as the beauty of the female form, many women today, especially poets and writers, credit her for paving the way for them."