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The Cinemana Arab Film Festival will kick off on May 27 Image Credit: Supplied

After the success of the first virtual Arab film festival held last year, the organisers are all set for the second such event this year, to be held in May.

Titled Cinemana Arab Film Festival, the virtual film festival is being organised by the General Union of Arab Artists through its chapter in Oman.

The festival will feature a competition in three categories of films, namely documentary, short fiction and animation with a call for entries now open.

Dr Khaled Al Zadjali, Vice President of the General Union of Arab Artists and Director of the second Cinemana Festival for Arab Film, announced that the juries have been selected for the three categories of film competition.

CAFF 2021 Image Credit: Supplied

The jury for short documentary films consists of writer and critic Dr Abdullah Abu Awad, director Abd al-Hayy Salih, director Fettis Baknah and director Fayek Jarada. The jury for the short fictional film category include artist and journalist Madeleine Tabar, artist Shamaa Muhammad, director Khamis Majdalawiya and artist and producer Khaduja Sabri.

The jury for animation films category include director and academic professor Muhammad Ghazaleh, animation director and filmmaker Youssef Al-Buqshi, film director Dr Mustafa Al-Shawki and director and writer Abdullah Al-Batashi.

Zadjali indicated that the entries for the various categories will be received till March 27, allowing time for the jury and the committee to choose the best entries. The winners of various categories will be announced on May 27 when the festival gets underway.

The Arab Artists Union office in Muscat reserves the right to accept or reject any film it deems inappropriate. Awards will be given to the Best Short Fiction film, Best Documentary Short film, and Best Animation film.